September 11, 2018 Media

Get the facts on Mia Love’s dishonest TV ad – paid for with illegal contributions.

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Millcreek City, Utah — Salt Lake County Mayor and 4th Congressional District candidate Ben McAdams today released a “fact-check” document that refutes numerous untrue statements in Rep. Mia Love’s latest campaign television ad.

“From the near certainty that she is paying for this ad with campaign money the federal campaign watchdog is questioning, to county budget documents showing declining tax rates to facts about Rep. Love’s own fiscally disastrous record, the voters can dismiss this entire ad as false and misleading.  The public deserves an honest discussion of the issues that the next member of Congress from this district must address, not false advertising,” said Campaign Manager Andrew Roberts.

The McAdams campaign sent a document that provides a point-by-point fact check on the statements made in the latest television ad airing as of Tuesday morning, September 11th.

Read the full fact-check here: attack_ad_fact_check